12 best child monitoring apps to reduce risk of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is an act of posting rumors, pictures, and offensive statements with the intent to humiliate, harass, or threaten a victim. Online harassment takes place through text messages and social media websites or dating applications.

From Instagram to Facebook to Vine, children are using a wide range of technology which leaves them vulnerable to cyber harassment. Thus, as parents, it is your responsibility to prevent cyberbullying and protect your children from such internet hazards.

You can help your kids in mitigating the risk of internet bullying with the help of best child monitoring apps.

Let us take a glance at a few best kids safety apps to curtail the risk of digital threats.

Best Apps To Ease The Risk Of Cyberbullying:

  1. Bit Guardian Parental Control:

It is one of the most popular Android parental control software designed to benefit both parents and children. It enables parents to monitor and control kids’ online activities like the content they view, time they spend on digital platforms, places they visit, and much more.

While talking about cyberbullying, it cannot be stopped completely, yet they are few helping apps like Bit Guardian that protects teens from online harassment.

Bit Guardian Parental Control offers unique features to safeguard kid’s interest in the digital world.

  • App Blocker: This tool is useful in blocking harmful and inappropriate applications like pornography or dating apps.

Parents block social media apps when their children are addicted to the internet and spend unnecessary time on such applications.

  • Time Schedule: Parents fixes the curfew hours on multiple app usage on child’s device. Setting the time limit ensures kids safety and letting them focus on other activities.
  • App Install Blocker: It stops teens from downloading new applications. Parents activate this tool when their child has a bad habit of installing unwanted apps.

Besides these preventive features, this Android child monitoring app also provides tools for call blocking, following child’s whereabouts, detecting the missing phone, helping kids in emergencies, and much more.

  1. SocialShield Software:

This app monitors social networking sites like Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook. It protects kids’ online reputation and generates reports with a safety score 1-10 (10 is the safest).

3. Famisafe Parental Control:

This parental control software has few features like monitoring and blocking unusual applications, remote screen time control, location tracking, and web content filtering.

  1. CyberSynchs Parental Mode: 

Its Parental Mode enables parents to receive descriptive reports of the flagged word content that indicate sexual behavior, violence, and bullying. Here, parents can prevent access to specified synchronized data.

  1. Safe Eyes Mobile:

It controls teen’s internet usage on iPhone by blocking harmful sites. This app has media player blocking and YouTube filtering functions. Parents can filter content from 35 different categories for kid’s safe view.

  1. Mobicip:

Mobicip provides a range of control tools that helps in restricting child’s digital activities.

  • It blocks unsuitable websites
  • It has age-based filtering levels
  • It offers whitelist and blacklist website filtering
  • ‘Safe browser mode’ ensures kids secure access to the internet.
  1. My Mobile Watchdog:

This child tracking application sends alert to a parent’s device when a child comes across questionable videos, photos, or texts. It blocks harmful websites, apps, and contacts.

  1. Online Guardian by Trend Micro:

This parental control application helps in preventing cyberbullying. Online Guardian allows parents in tracking social media sites as the majority of harassment activities occur on mass media communication portals.

It controls the kid’s device dashboard and tracks Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube. It has instant messaging tools to monitor child’s chats.

  1. Professor Garfield Cyberbullying:

It is basically a gaming software where it allows kids to play various games and identify issues like:

  • The meaning of cyberbullying
  • Recognizing forms of bullying
  • Different strategies for dealing with an online stalker
  • Asking help from adults if the kid is bullied

This application is available at the iTunes app store, and it is for iPad.

  1. WebSafety:

This kid tracking software is built to help parents in managing their child’s smartphone activities that include:

  • Sending notification to parents when children are using swear words.
  • Gps tracking system showing the real-time location of teens.
  • Monitoring social media and web browsing history.
  • Preventing texting while driving, etc.
  1. GoGoStat Parental Guidance:

This iPhone child monitoring software offers various functions like:

  • Alerting parents when a child receives or sends inappropriate messages.
  • Displaying the location and age of an individual who sends a friend request to your child on Facebook.
  • Sending a report to the police during an emergency when a kid presses the Panic button.
  • Sending notification to parents of offensive comments, drug references, cyberbullying, and other potential issues.
  1. Destructive issues:

This software is specially designed for iPhone and iPod. It provides solutions for the internet problems that children face.

The app creates a pros and cons scenario for teens to make viable choices in dreadful situations. It helps in preventing substance abuse, online harassment, depression, etc.

This software sends a list of activities (to parents) their children are performing on the digital platform by depicting various scenarios.When the dangers of cyberbullying trigger health issues like depression, anxiety, cognitive disorder and causes severe illness like cancer, tumor or even suicide; it’s better to protect teens digital lives by installing one of the most trustworthy kid safety apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control. Download this application today and secure your child from online threats.

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