Where to get 9apps Play store from? IS it safe?

9apps is a third-party play store that you might have heard about. It is really a popular play tore that has changed the way people use applications. People are no longer disappointed with the applications they get in the realm of android because they get variety in every category of apps.

Of course, Google play store is pre-installed in the android devices but that does not mean it is the only one that can get you the apps. In fact, play stores like 9apps are twofold extensive in their nature and have endless variety for the users to enjoy. Once you have this play store, you would always have the apps that are there in the market and that too for free. Yes, apps can be installed from this play store for free and without any hassle because of its user-friendly interface. You should do 9apps install and if you are thinking where to get it from and how to install it then keep on reading till the end:

Official website

You can easily get the APK file of this 9apps play store from the official website of 9apps. There would be no difficult because the website is easy to use. You can install the needed version of this play store and you are done.

Enable third party apps settings

Remember since this 9apps plays tore is a third-partyapplication; you have to enable a setting in your phone settings. There is always a setting option wherein you have to tick mark the option of ‘enable third party applications. Once you enable this setting only then this app would get installed. Remember, it is not just about this platform but any third-party app that you want to download and install will get installed in your device only if you have enabled this setting.

If you think that by enabling this setting you might be inviting threat or danger then you are wrong.This is just a procedure to ensure that you know that you are installing an app from a third-party source. Those of you who do not know what these third-party source apps are: these are the applications that do not belong to Google play.

Click on the okay button!

Once you have enabled the settings, you would okay the installation procedure once it pops up on your screen. The installation would begin in a few seconds and get installed in less than a minute. Of course, the speed can vary as per your internet connection but generally it gets installed in no time. Once the app has been installed, you are ready go explore the endless world of apps through this platform.  The play store is really comfortable users friendly and speedy.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe because all the applications that get uploaded on this plays tore go through a proper security check. There is a scanning procedure that ensures that no virus or false app is there. In this way you download and install only clean and safe applications.


Thus, you should check out this play store now since you know about how to install it and where to get it form!

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