Why Your Business Must Have Active Social Media Profiles

There is really no shortcut when it comes to a steady social media presence. For companies and individuals who actively intend to reach out to users who use social media (300 million active users on Instagram, Facebook has 2.27 billion monthly active users), there is an inherent need to allocate time and money.

Succeeding in the social media community comes with its fair share of advantages. Hence, for companies looking to succeed on these platforms, a strict system designed to achieve certain objectives needs to be put in place. It’s not sufficient to ‘simply have’ a profile and intermittently post 2-3 updates a week, perhaps even less. Here are some of the most important advantages of having active social media accounts for businesses- 

Brand Responsiveness

Social media offers businesses the ideal way to be perceived by the target audience. It has been proven that companies that have some aspects of social media acumen are more efficient at building awareness around their brand. Some ways to ensure that the target audience is aware of a particular brand are –

  • Consistent Social Media strategy creation
  • Consistent examination of Social Media activities, their achievements/failure
  • The success rate of certain techniques used in posts (for instance creating a hashtag, creating a poll, etc.)
  • Day to day updates in all Social Media profiles
  • Day to day customer service – Replying to user’s comments and posts as rapidly possible 
  • Everyday engagement with the followers
  • Consistent brainstorming to discover innovative ideas, content
  • Creating offers and analysing how the community responds to these offers

Regular posting regarding company updates in addition to industry related news will benefit a business in its bid to be perceived as a leader within its industry.

Increased Traffic

New and consistent top-quality content helps in keeping a brand in the minds and ever-present in the eyes of its present and potential customers. Social Media accounts are ideal for improving the amount of times current and potential customers are exposed to a company website. This consequently has an extremely constructive impact on the business’ website traffic.

Improved Conversion Rate

With a greater number of people visiting the website from a business’ social media pages there is an enhanced chance of improving conversion rates. Also, the social media accounts can be used to present customers with exclusive discounts and offers on products/services. Coming up with attractive offers and pairing them with strong calls to action is the perfect way of securing higher conversion rates. A business page must always ensure that the customers receive a certain amount of value when they click on the posts. The personal touch which social media profiles can offer is much different to traditional ways of advertising. Its impact can be tremendous. 

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