Use A User Onboarding Software To Increase Retention

First impressions are downright important, and your first impression is the onboarding process you offer to your clients when they install your application. Having a good application full of great features is not enough in today’s age. You have to use a user onboarding software as well to stay ahead of the competition. You can measure the quality of your onboarding process by checking your application’s retention rate.

First experiences should be easy and beautiful, but they have to be planned strategically to retain your users and attract new customers. High retention rates due to great user onboarding are not a myth. Here, we will discuss why user onboarding is important and how you can create a great one.

Why User Onboarding is Important

User onboarding is your first opportunity to make a good first impression. Based on this impression, your users decide whether they should try your product or pass on. This is why it is important to describe the product briefly, create an enjoyable design, and convince them to try the product during the onboarding process. A greatly designed onboarding process converts first-time users into loyal customers.

Customers are probably using your application because they want to ease up something complicated with software use. Onboarding software can make your application comfortable to use and easy to understand so that your users can achieve their goals quickly and easily. With it, you can show the real value of your app to your users.

Tips to Create a Great User Onboarding Experience

By giving a great onboarding experience to your users, you can skyrocket your retention and conversion rates to a great extent. Here are a few tips to try.

  • Try using specialized onboarding software programs to make your application and features easy to understand and use.
  • Keep the onboarding process easy, simple, well-organized, and useful. With a clear design, your users will not get bored or lost and they will clearly understand what you are offering.
  • Keep your focus on your audience and their requirements, preferences and expectations.
  • Include attractive headlines, images, videos and tutorials.
  • Include a strong CTA that encourages your users to take the required action.

User onboarding software from Apxor works as a customer funnel to directly show them your product and features. It is highly effective in engaging the users with your application so that they can learn more about it and start using it.

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