Fine Dedicated Server As Per Your Requirement Now

Compared to a shared server, the dedicated server has a number of advantages. The latter is much more powerful. In addition, it offers more secure hosting since the user is the only one who can access his server. However, not all dedicated servers are created equal. This article provides tips for making an informed choice.

Choosing the right processor

The choice of processor is involved in the power and performance of a given dedicated server. Depending on whether the site to be set up requires the provision of several resources, it may be wise to turn to a cheap dedicated server unmetered having two or more processors. This is the case, among others, SQL servers, platforms using instant messaging, chat or game servers, servers for video transcoding or servers for virtualization.

The choice of memory

This parameter indicates the speed of processing and loading of applications. In this case, the higher the RAM (Randon Access Memory), the faster the server will operate, and therefore, the loading of the site will also be fast. Do not forget that this aspect has a significant impact on the referencing of the latter, but also on the user experience.

What capacity for bandwidth?

The server bandwidth determines the amount of data that can be transferred from and / or to its website per billing cycle. If it is a very popular website with a large number of visitors, it will require a higher bandwidth. Ditto if the user wishes to host streaming multimedia files or even high quality images. In short, the higher the bandwidth, the more the dedicated server will be able to handle significant traffic without malfunction.

The choice of operating system

To choose the ideal operating system, you must take into account the programming language used in the development of your website. Many solutions are possible. For ASP.NET or MS SQL Server, Windows Server is ideal. Windows servers are the only ones able to run ASP languages. For programming languages ​​in Apache, MySQL, Ruby on Rails or PHP, we will need a Unix / Linux server.

Disk space

The disk space is chosen according to the amount of sensitive data used by its site. Note that it is possible to have multiple hard drives on its dedicated server. Among other things, if the site includes very sensitive data related to its customers or other unique information, we can then have a main hard drive and another hard drive that will serve as backup. Similarly, if you wish to benefit from a larger storage capacity, the Raid 2 configuration is a perfect solution. This option allows you to have a main hard drive and another which will be activated as soon as the main storage is full.

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