7 Unique Ways to Promote Your Android Applications

Developing android application might be the best you do but when it comes to marketing or promoting it, you need different set of skills there. Well, nothing to be worried, as we brought you these 7 unique ways to promote your android applications. There are different strategies in the universal books of marketing but here are some really creative ways to promote your application.

  1. Use Website to Promote your app

If you have your website or access to a well-established website which can reach out to a certain audience, the best bet could be featuring your application on the website in form of content. It can give you a potential audience. However, you can also approach other well-known websites to feature your app as well. Target those websites which usually appear early on the SERPs.

  1. Build an Official website for your app

It will be quite impressive to build an official website, exciting and vibrant about your application including direct links to download it as well. Get web hosting from a reliable provider like Liquid Web and make an effective impression on audience or any collaborator to your app.

  1. Create Demo & Promotional Videos

You can start with creating a demo video, high-quality with very short duration about how to use the application. It will also go to your official website, featured content or even for advertising. Promotional videos are optional thing which you can do if you have such budget or access to resources.

  1. Go for Influencers

One of the most effective ways of reaching out to the audience is through influencers or internet celebrities. You need to call out the influencers who can promote your app on their social media profiles.  Social Media influencers have their circles which rely on their word, so they are effective with promotions.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is very much important for optimizing your content to be found on search engines in relevant search results. SEO can drive tremendous traffic to your application and increase the number of downloads. It is better that your app or app website get into the SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages) so to reach out larger audience.

  1. Good Presentation on Google Play Store

It is very much important to make a impressive profile on Google play store from where users will download it. So design or get designed your app icon attractive and eye-grabbing. The screenshots images also are suppose to be attractive enough to engage audience, so they can further know the use the application. Overall, it should build a portfolio impressive enough to make user download it even for trial at least.

  1. App Store Optimization

Just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there is also ASO (App Store Optimization) for the app store platform, allowing users to reach the relevant search results. You need to think like users to put relevant and effective keywords for your app description content and category, so it can reach out to maximum people and appear in the relevant searches.

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