5 Pinterest Marketing Tips To Build Brand Awareness

There is a misconception that Pinterest which is categorized as a social bookmarking tool would not give as much productive returns as a marketing tool as other social media. These Pinterest marketing tips are aimed at correcting this notion as this platform with its organic reach has equal if not more, capabilities just like other social networking sites.

Harness Optimization Capabilities

This platform is also a search engine and therefore it values certain content more than other thus making optimization a mandatory activity for all posts. The cornerstone of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is keyword selection and based on the industry and target audience, tools can be used to research and find the most suitable ones which should be inserted in the username and description. Similarly, develop content for describing boards and their titles by using these terms and also optimize every pin using this method by placing call to action buttons in them along with saving them from your website as this will create a backlink to your site helping in increased traffic. Create separate boards naming them using these keywords and be particular in pinning only those images that are relevant to the board’s category.

The Follow Us button helps a user to do so without leaving your website and there are various social sharing plugins available on website development platforms that allow the seamless integration of this utility along with other buttons and any competent person like a WordPress designer can be hired to do the needful.

Intelligent Use Of Boards

These are organizing tools that help a user arrange all the entries into categories according to different topics. Apart from optimization of the content of these boards, as explained in the above point, one can include a number of visual devices like infographics and charts apart from the usual images. The written material in these informational apparatuses must be of very good quality and not just blindly fulfilling SEO requirements. Segmentation of these boards into various types and further breaking down into sub-types will help you in getting a number of topics that can be used to promote your service. Populate these boards with all relevant material like how-to videos or charts related to your industry apart from the products offered by you. Creating such classified boards increases the chances of your brand being discovered by members of the public other than the target audience as there are chances that a board type may be associated with an area of operation other than yours. As the audience engagement grows, the brand visibility will increase automatically in addition to driving more traffic to your website.

Open A Business Account

A commercial venture owner looking for marketing opportunities on this platform must invest in a business account as it allows for displaying the brand name in place of the person signing up apart from access to features like Rich Pins. These pins are extremely beneficial for promotional purposes as they display extra information like branding title and a short description which if optimized can boost website traffic. Promoted pins are advertisements and these can come in handy not only for marketing a product but also in publicizing special limited time offers. This service also comes with instructional material like case studies and guides for maximizing the productivity of the platform but the most advantageous feature is the Analytics suite which enables the user to examine the overall performance of the account for fine- tuning and better implementation of marketing strategies.

The Analytics provide demographic data of the audience helping in identification of their age,gender, geographical location and tastes apart from the fact that how were the directed to a pin thus helping in gauging the referral traffic. The frequency with which various buttons are being clicked and the content being re-pinned the most are a few other helpful pieces of knowledge that can be utilized for altering the budgetary requirements and marketing targets.

Visual Experience

This Pinterest marketing tip is a very important one as the network is all about visuals. All sorts of images, whether photographs, sketches, charts, infographics or diagrams related to the product must be uploaded but keeping in mind some points like pinning vertically- oriented images which have a better chance of being spotted and re-pinned apart from carrying out some research to find out the best image size. Invest in high quality photographs not necessarily related to the business domain you work in but also from categories that may be trending on the platform. It may not seem like a sensible suggestion but if done creatively can be very fruitful. Let’s say that wildlife pictures are currently in vogue and your area of operations happens to be stationery products, then taking professional help for devising a campaign around the theme featuring your services can be done. This will help in making your account more popular.

Being limited to static images will confine your marketing strategy and videos can be used for the purpose by uploading clips not necessarily about your organization but related to the vertical it is categorized in. Tutorials and how- to guides are extremely popular among users looking for solutions and they can be pinned along with any advertisements.

Utilize Social Media

Pinterest can work in synchronization with other networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and their membership and larger reach can be employed for achieving marketing goals. Pin content from these media onto the Pinterest account or do the reverse for maximizing the potential of the content apart from sharing the “Pin it” button on the posts so that it becomes easier for a user to pin the content. It will help in popularizing any interesting board that you might have, amongst the audience of other networks. A very common strategy is to hold contests and rarely do people use this bookmarking service for the purpose when it can be done very easily. You can ask the followers on a network to follow to design a board related to any category with the best entry winning a prize or tell the users to pin your products that they like most.


The unique visual nature of the platform allows a person to be innovative and creative in using it for promotion and scaling the business. These Pinterest marketing tips can be extremely beneficial in this regard if implemented carefully after meticulous planning.

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